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Welcome to the News Letter System

Is E-Newsletter system usefull for me?

  • An E-Newsletter can solve that problem for you;
  • With an effective E-Newsletter, every time you publish, the phone rings and the e-mails arrive;
  • Prospects want to learn more about what you do;
  • Past clients think of reasons to hire you again;
  • Business organizations invite you to give  presentations;

Why News Latter System?

We  know what's troubling you. You’re good at what you do — in fact you want to spend more time in increasing your Technical expertise — but you don’t know how to update your Progressive steps to your customers ,Distributors, friends, and website visitors with a single click.

Whether you're an industrialist, a manufacturer, a service provider, a deler, A consultant or professional, you always want to share your latest updates to your connectives  but at the same time you  not want to  spamming.



Bringing your brand to your audience E-mail Newsletters are an excellent way to extend upon your web presence offerings. An HTML E-mail Newsletter System allows you to deliver easy to create yet strongly branded and visually appealing newsletters - presented in a manageable data size.

Our HTML E-mail Newsletter System is an extension module of the auto publish product. There are three entry level packages that offer a number of functions, from easy publication through to multiple templates and mail management.

We invite you to look at our own newsletter publications to see what can be achieved.


News Letter is used for?